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CEDAR (Congregational Executive Directors and Administrators in Reconstructionism) is an association of senior synagogue administrators employed by Reconstructionist synagogues. The goals of this group are networking with colleagues, sharing information and providing a support network.

This group is for professionals who:

  • Are employed in Reconstructionist synagogues (either full- or part-time)
  • Are the senior administrative person in their synagogue
  • Perform the majority of the following responsibilities:
    •  Financial management
    •  Supervision of other staff
    •  Building management
    •  Office administration
    •  Membership/Outreach

Short term goals:

  1. Develop a confidential list serve
  2. Improve our web presence with online materials (especially regarding contracts, job descriptions and organizational structure)
  3. Educate lay leaders about positions
  4. Increase understanding of and respect for the key roles we play in our communities.

For more information, please contact:

Nina Korican
Executive Director
Temple Beth Israel – Center for Jewish Life
1175 East 29th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97403
541-485-7218 ext. 104